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Rachael Ray in Maxim Magazine

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Maxim Magazine

The popular men's magazine Maxim features articles and pictorials of popular female celebrities and other topics of interest to men. Channel 108 on Sirius Satellite Radio is dedicated to Maxim and features entertainment, celebrity news, interviews and other content that would appeal to many guys.

Rachael Ray
Best known for her TV cooking shows Rachael Ray also has a publishing business, developed some products and operates a charity.

Rachael Ray in Maxim Magazine
Has Rachael Ray ever been in Maxim Magazine? This is a question I came up with while doing research for this page about Maxim's channel on Sirius Radio (108). Based on how frequently people go looking for web pages about Rachael Ray in Maxim there appears to be some confusion about this. I think I know where this comes from and though I'd throw it out there for debate.

In 2003 Rachael Ray appeared in Maxim's competitor magazine, FHM. Rachael is a very attractive woman and pictures of her in sexy outfits and poses are wildly popular among fans of Rachael Ray and connoisseurs of attractive women in general. I think what's happening is that people sometimes mistake Maxim for FHM when they go looking for sexy pictures of Rachael Ray online. This mix up might be the cause for the number of searches for Rachael Ray in Maxim. What people should really by searching for is Rachael Ray in FHM.